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Jewish Veg is the Jewish voice of the plant-based movement, the fastest growing social movement in the world. Our vision is a kinder, healthier, more sustainable world.

We inspire people to embrace plant-based lifestyles as an expression of the Jewish values of compassion for animals, importance of health, and care for the environment.

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We do this through a holistic approach that helps people transform their lives through immersive experiences, enables institutions to become plant-forward, builds welcoming communities, and leads public campaigns that shift our food culture to make a positive footprint on our world. More information is available on our website here.

Our communal vegan Passover Seders have been enjoyed by people in cities across the country.

Thanks to the help of organizations and individual supporters like you who believe in our mission, we are able to make plant-based lifestyles more accessible within the Jewish community.

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About the Campaign

At a time when the world’s attention is focused on a pandemic caused by the abuse and consumption of animals, our Toward a Pandemic-Free World campaign helps the public understand the source of this virus, and how a plant-based food system is the solution to avoid future disasters. We empower people to see how every person can be a part of the solution and help prevent the next outbreak with their purchasing decisions and their daily food choices.

Your support for this important campaign will shine a light on the link between zoonotic pandemics and animal agriculture, and provide the much-needed answer to the devastating social impact of zoonotic diseases. Please support this campaign so that together we can help create a pandemic-free world.

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