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Jewish Values vs. the World's Values

Among the primary factors behind many of the world's problems today are the sharp discrepencies between Jewish values and those of the world. For example:

1. Prophets 1. Profits
2. Love thy neighbor as thyself 2. Suspect thy neighbor as thyself
3. Just weights, just measures 3. Let the buyer beware 
4. God 4. Me
5. People created in God's image 5. People treated as consumers
6. The earth is the Lord's 6. The earth ravaged for convenience and profit
7. People are to be co-workers with God in efforts to improve the world 7. Do your own thing; seek personal advantage
8. Sanctity of every life 8. Lives endangered to increase gain
9. Tzedeck, tzedeck tirdof (justice, justice shalt thou pursue) 9. Society filled with injustice
10. Tza'ar ba'alei chayim (kindness to animals) 10. Animals brutally treated and killed to meet human desires
11. God provides food for all; share thy bread with the hungry 11. Millions die annually due to lack of food; "enough for the world's need, but not their "greed"
12. Leave corners of the field and gleanings of the harvest for the poor 12. Centralized help; let government handle social problems
13. I am my brother's keeper 13. Lower my taxes; cut services for others
14. To be 14.To have; to consume; to appear
15. Jubilee year; redistribution of wealth periodically 15. Growing gaps between the wealthy and the poor
16. Seek peace and pursue it 16. My country right or wrong; huge arms expenditures
17. Be kind to the stranger 17. Much discrimination and animosity between groups
18. Dignity of labor 18. Many people have little pride in work
19. Sabbatical year; let the ground lie fallow every 7 years 19. Fertility of soil destroyed by annual planting of monocrops
20. Sumptuary laws that limit expenditures on simchas 20. Lavish affairs; wastefulness

In order to solve the many critical problems that the world now faces, it is essential that the values of the world be replaced by Jewish values!

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