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What You Can Do!

Go Veg!
The most important single thing you can do is to stop eating animal products. Becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean just eating salad, of course. Foods like falafel, vegetarian cholent, pasta primavera, bean burritos, and a whole world of Indian and Asian cuisine are just the tip of a culinary universe for you to explore.

Spread the Word!
You can also help inform others about vegetarianism. Some ideas:

    • Speak to your friends or Jewish groups
    • Pass out JVNA leaflets (to request large quantities free of charge, contact us via our Feedback page) or PETA's free booklet
    • Have a speaker talk at your synagogue (see JVNA's Speakers List)
    • Write a letter to your synagogue newsletter or local Jewish publication
    • Get your rabbi to introduce a resolution on Jewish vegetarianism at a rabbinic convention
    • Or simply wear a button or put a bumper sticker on your car!

Get Political!
Please write to your representatives in your state legislature and in Congress and urge them to take steps to ameliorate the cruel conditions and environmental harms of factory farms. We recommend joining the Humane Action Network run by the Humane Society of the U.S. to be alerted by email when action is needed.

Join us!
To join the JewishVeg mailing list for updates and articles on Jewish vegetarianism, to translate parts of this website into Hebrew, to receive email alerts on urgent legislation, or to volunteer for projects to spread the ideas of Jewish vegetarianism, please email us from our Feedback page.

Jewish Vegetarians of North America is an all-volunteer organization. We get paid no money for our work, and depend on your donations to pay for materials. Even a small tax-deductable donation makes a big difference!