Vegan Option Always

Welcome to the Vegan Option Always program!

Thank you for your admirable decision to provide delicious plant-based alternatives to your members, congregants, and guests.

Here at Jewish Veg, we believe that compassion for animals, concern for health, and care for the environment are among the highest of Jewish ideals. With your help, we can continue to connect our community with our spiritual and ethical heritage via a commitment to mindful eating that emphasizes joy, nutrition, and tikkun olam.

Below, you will find our standard recipes for medium to large events, organized by holiday and/or event type. Hamantaschen, brisket, latkes, matzo ball soup: we’ve got everything you could possibly need to honor both tradition and your tastebuds. We’ve also included some tips and tricks to make preparing these as easy as possible. Of course, if there’s something you want to try that you don’t find here, just ask us and we’ll work with you on creating the perfect menu for your event.

Want help marketing your events? We have a full marketing package that includes targeted Facebook ads, press releases to local Jewish media, optional cost-sharing on paid print advertisement, and listing and promotion on our website and social media.

Thank you again for your interest in Vegan Option Always. B’tayavon!

Traditional Foods recipes

Oneg recipes

Lunch recipes

Shabbat and Dinner recipes

High Holy Days recipes

Sukkot recipes

Purim recipes

Pesach recipes

Shavuot recipes

Other Holidays recipes

Desserts recipes

Do you want a recipe for something we haven’t covered here? Email us and let us know! We’ll get back to you within 48 hours to help you create your perfect menu.