Make your Synagogue or Jewish Institution Veg-Friendly

There are many ways to make your synagogue, JCC, federation, Havurah, or other Jewish institution more veg-friendly. Here are a few simple ideas to start with:

  • Display Jewish Veg’s new brochure in the lobby and/or bulletin if it has one
  • Ask if you can write a short statement on why you are vegetarian or vegan and how your diet is in line with Judaism’s most noble values in the synagogue newsletter
  • Organize a vegan Oneg Shabbat. Check our recipe section for a ton of delicious ideas for Jewish vegan meals.
  • Connect with the social justice or environmental group at your synagogue. Ask them if they would like to do a program about the effects of animal agriculture on our health and environment.
  • Develop a written policy for your synagogue to ensure that all events where food is served are vegan-friendly
  • Bring a Jewish Veg speaker to your synagogue
  • Take the Veg Pledge
  • Host a movie screening or book discussion


Connect with the Jewish Veg Movement