Your Guide

To Growing Older

With Vitality


In a real sense, Jewish Veg member and accomplished chef Mark Reinfeld and naturopathic doctor Ashley Boudet are the ultimate vegan couple.


Theirs is the marriage of Mark's brilliance in the kitchen and Ashley's expertise in health and nutrition.


We can all benefit from this combination, thanks to a book they have co-written, "The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan."


It's really two books in one. The first half of the book goes into detail about the relationship between eating plants and achieving optimal health. Specific foods are recommended for specific areas of concern.


Interspersed with this information are inspiring interviews with some prominent long-term vegans, including Jewish Veg Advisory Council members Dr. Joel Kahn and Ellen Jaffe Jones.


The second half of the book is what we've come to expect from Mark: delicious vegan recipes that rarely exceed 10 ingredients. In addition to the recipes, the book offers loads of tips and information for novice cooks.


Let's face it: Living into your 80s or 90s is one thing; doing so with vitality is another. With this book as our guide, we stand a much better chance of reaching our Golden Years in good health.





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