Bring a Jewish Veg Speaker to Your Jewish Institution


Jewish Veg is an international nonprofit organization supported by some of the country’s most respected rabbinic leaders. The organization, founded in 1975, educates Jews about the highest ideals of our religion, especially as they relate to our relationship with animals, our physical and spiritual health, and the environment.


Jewish Veg leaders -- our professional staff, rabbis, board members and advisers -- give scores of presentations at Jewish venues across the country. Their presentations have received excellent reviews from congregations, Hillels and JCCs from coast to coast.


Our Speakers Bureau covers most of the country, promoting Judaism’s compassionate ideals. 


Presentations can take the form of a dvar Torah at a Shabbat service, a lunch-and-learn, a brotherhood or sisterhood brunch -- whatever best meets the needs of the host organization.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • "Judaism and Animals: Restoring the Relationship" (Our most requested presentation.)
  • "Attaining and Maintaining Health: What Our Sages, and Our Nutritional Studies, Are Telling Us"
  • "The Hidden Connection: How What We Eat Affects the Environment"

All Jewish Veg presenters adhere to the following three principles:

  • We believe in respectful dialogue.
  • Our speakers are happy to address anything in the Torah, Talmud or rabbinic tradition that anyone would like to discuss. We ask people to consider a reduction in their consumption of animal products, in keeping with the highest ideals of the Torah.
  • While we describe veganism as the ultimate goal, our speakers do not say that people must go vegetarian or vegan on the spot.

To discuss scheduling a Jewish Veg presentation for your organization, please fill out our short contact form and we'll respond to you within 48 hours, usually less.