Bring a Jewish Veg Speaker to Your Jewish Institution


Jewish Veg is an international nonprofit organization supported by some of the country’s most respected rabbinic leaders. The organization, founded in 1975, educates Jews about the highest ideals of our religion, especially as they relate to our relationship with animals, our physical and spiritual health, and the environment.


Jewish Veg leaders -- our professional staff, rabbis, board members and advisers -- give scores of presentations at Jewish venues across the country. Their presentations have received excellent reviews from congregations, Hillels and JCCs from coast to coast.


Our Speakers Bureau covers all of the United States and Canada, promoting Judaism's compassionate values. 



A Jewish Veg visit to your institution can take one, two, or all three of these forms:

  • A short Dvar Torah at a Shabbat service.
  • A 45-90 minute program on a Shabbat afternoon, Sunday or weeknight.
  • A presentation for students in the 5th through 12th grades on what the Torah says about animals.

The 45-90 Minute Program


The program typically starts with our core presentation, and then, time permitting, pivots into a supplemental presentation.


Core Presentation


This text-based presentation thoroughly addresses the Jewish basis for a plant-based diet. We look into what our texts and rabbinic tradition have to say, while answering any and all questions.


Supplemental Presentation Options


  • How to Get Healthier: We look at what the leading nutrition studies have found about the relative benefits of plant-based and meat-based diets and offer some insights as to why vegans and vegetarians are living longer and suffering fewer chronic diseases.
  • Our Food Choices and Our Planet: We examine and quantify the impact that animal agriculture is having on our planet in the areas of climate change, resource depletion, pollution and natural-habitat destruction.
  • Animals in Modern Animal Agriculture: We dive into the surprising, even shocking, reality of modern animal agriculture and the implications for the welfare of animals.
  • Israel, Light onto the Nations … in Food: Within the past few years, Israel has received global recognition as the most vegan-friendly country in the world. We explain how it happened and show examples of animal-rights activism and culinary innovation in Israel.


All Jewish Veg presenters adhere to the following three principles:

  • We believe in respectful dialogue.
  • Our speakers are happy to address anything in the Torah, Tanakh, Talmud or rabbinic tradition that anyone would like to discuss.
  • We ask people to consider a reduction in their consumption of animal products, in keeping with the highest ideals of the Torah. And while we describe veganism as the ultimate goal, our speakers do not say that people must go vegetarian or vegan on the spot.

To discuss scheduling a Jewish Veg presentation for your organization, please fill out our short contact form and we'll respond to you within 48 hours, usually less. 






What They're Saying About Jewish Veg Presentations


Beth Haverim Shir Shalom (Reform)

Mahwah, NJ


"Jewish Veg's presentation was both Jewishly challenging and respectful of the wide variety of views people hold about their diet and how it reflects their values."

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher




Temple Sinai (Conservative)

Dresher, PA


“On behalf of the Adult Education Committee and the entire Temple Sinai community, I want to thank Jeffrey Cohan so much for joining us on Shavuot and enlightening all of us!

“His message was new to many in attendance, but I assure you it provoked much thought and discussion afterwards. That is a great thing!

“I think it will have a lasting impact and lead folks to explore more about Judaism and veganism.”

Margo Fine-Gabbay

Co-Chair, Adult Education Committee




Knesseth Israel (Orthodox)

Birmingham, AL


“Jewish Veg's talk for our congregation opened many eyes about the relationship of Torah values and vegetarianism. It was certainly one of the highlights of the year for us.”

Kenneth Ehrenberg

Congregation President




Temple Sholom (Reform)

Wheeling, WV


"Jewish Veg's executive director offered a compelling and evocative talk about the Torah's take on a plant-based diet. Not only did he elicit thoughtful conversation on the topic, he may very well have changed a few lives in the process. Well done."

Rabbi Beth Jacowitz-Chottiner




Agudas Achim (Conservative)

Bexley, OH


"The Jewish Veg speaker came across as affable and sincere. He was well-received by the congregation, and made a positive impression for the organization and for the cause."

Rabbi Mitch Levine