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Green Christians Book Review

A brief Preview by Dr Mike Monaghan
Reviews Editor of Green Christians
(Journal of Christian Ecology Link) (Summer 2001)

JUDAISM AND VEGETARIANISM, Richard H. Schwartz, Lantern Books, New York, 2001, $18.

Recommending a book on vegetarianism written from a Jewish perspective to Christians may seem odd from two perspectives: firstly, most of us associate Jews, including Jesus, with eating meat and fish and secondly, what has 'Jewish Vegetarianism' to say to Christians? This book by Richard Schwartz gives answers to both questions - in Judaism the Law included compassion for animals and he concludes that applying the principles in today's world makes a strong case for a vegetarian lifestyle. His in-depth insights from the Old Testament will be of interest to Christian vegetarians and those who are seriously considering this subject. (It is hoped that a full account of the thinking contained in this book will be the subject of an article in a future edition of Green Christians.)