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Animals Voice Review
Judaism and Vegetarianism
by Richard H., Ph.D. Schwartz; paperback, 256 pages, 1 edition Vol 1, Lantern Books; ISBN: 1930051247

A vegetarian diet is not only consistent with Judaism but, argues Schwartz, the diet best fitted to basic Jewish values. In this third edition of his 1982 and 1988 book (which includes updated scientific and medical references and a list of web sites), the author shows how Jewish beliefs in showing compassion toward animals, protecting human health, preserving the environment, conserving resources, sharing with hungry people, and pursuing peace are best served by vegetarianism. Throughout, the text is calm, fully documented, and very convincing. Schwartz includes biographies of famous Jewish vegetarians (among them, writers S.Y. Agnon and Isaac Bashevis Singer), "action-centered" ideas on how to promote vegetarianism, and typical questions and answers on Jewish and general issues regarding vegetarianism. A well-done treatise on a subject of increasing interest; highly recommended.