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The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals Book Review
Bulletin No. 58, Autumn 2001, p.61


This is a very interesting book in that it gives a new insight into the food laws of Judaism, and also, for many of us, a new way of looking at Jewish thinking about food, poverty, the welfare of animals, and the fullest ways of keeping the laws of God. The author's concern for his own religion and the welfare of God's creation in relation to that religion, makes for an inspiring read, and the author's challenges to his fellow Jews provides a challenge to all of us who care about God and God's creation. The author challenges the current treatment of animals in the livestock trade, the consumption of animals in relation to world poverty, the non-simple lifestyles adopted by many in our contemporary world. He also suggests ways in which vegetarianism could assist in promoting active working towards peace. Inevitably in a book with this title there are sections which are interesting from the "outside", to those of us who are Anglicans, but we might imagine that this is a book which could arouse a quite passionate response to Jews. It is a thoughtful and informative book which teaches and challenges and perhaps inspires its readers to try to do more to promote the welfare of animals, the world and human beings, as a Jew, or as a Christian.

Canon Betty McNiven
10 Little Flatt, Rochdale, 0L12 7AU

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