Falafel: Green Lentil, Zucchini, and Garlic


This recipe calls for green lentils, but you can really go to town using whatever you've got in the pantry: orange or black lentils, chickpeas, dry peas, or any other legume.
This amazing creation comes to Jewish Veg from Israeli food critic, journalist, blogger, and vegan activist Ori Shavit. You can find out more about Ori and the vegan movement in Israel on her Website Vegans On Top.


Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
10 minutes
Total time
30 minutes


500 grams
green lentils (washed and soaked overnight (at least 8 hours))
large zucchini (unpeeled and grated)
4 cloves
garlic (crudely chopped)
small bunch of parsley
small bunch of dill
2 tablespoons
olive oil
salt, freshly ground black pepper
olive oil for frying


1. Put the fresh herbs in food processor. Strain the lentils and add to herbs. Add garlic, and olive oil and grind until reaching a soft and moist mixture.
2. Remove mixture to mixing bowl, add grated zucchini, salt and pepper and mix with your hands.
3. Heat up a shallow layer of olive oil in a wide pan. Make from the lentils mixture flat patties and fry them for 2-3 minutes on each side until both are golden-brown. Remove to absorbent paper.
4. Serve immediately with a tomato salsa or tahini.

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