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Contact: Jeffrey Cohan


Jewish Organization Opposes Slaughter of Hens, Pleads for Mercy, Urges Protest

(May 1, 2014) – Jewish Vegetarians of North America is partnering with United Poultry Concerns to organize a protest this Sunday outside a do-it-yourself chicken-shechita (kosher slaughter) class to be held in Berkeley, CA.

This class is being presented by Urban Adamah, an organization that promotes urban agriculture in the Jewish community. Fifteen egg-laying hens are to be needlessly killed.

The decision to organize a protest was not entered into lightly, and only as a last resort.  JVNA greatly values its relationships with other Jewish organizations, including Urban Adamah and Adamah.

Strenuous, good-faith efforts were made to persuade Urban Adamah to call off the event. Sanctuaries were found to house the chickens for the long remainder of their natural lifespans. But Urban Adamah rejected this offer, choosing instead to go forward with the slaughter.

JVNA is encouraging its members in Northern California to participate in Sunday's protest in keeping with the Torah ideals of a plant-based diet and compassion for animals. 

“The Torah seriously frowns upon the unnecessary killing of animals,” said Jeffrey Cohan, JVNA’s Executive Director. “Even at this late hour, we hold out hope that our friends at Urban Adamah will uphold Judaism’s highest ideals, spare the lives of the 15 hens, and allow these innocent, highly intelligent birds to live out their natural lives in farm-animal sanctuaries.” 






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