Food x Faith Veganuary: Interfaith Discussion for a Just World
   Sunday, January 17, 2021
   3:00 PM ET

Join this live discussion on the intersection of food and faith during Veganuary, a global effort that helps people go vegan in January to advance justice in the world and promote spiritual growth. We will explore how we can leverage and align our personal beliefs with our diets and contribute to our closeness to the Divine. 

The event will take place on Facebook and YouTube where you’ll be able to chat and ask questions of the presenters: VegFund Board president Stephanie Redcross West, head of Main Street Vegan Victoria Moran, and Jewish Veg executive director Jeffrey Spitz Cohan and engagement director Michael Gribov.

We will discuss the making of A Prayer for Compassion, an award-winning documentary and the only film ever made to explore the intersection of food, animals, and religion—from an interfaith perspective.

As we prepare to celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr, we invite you to help us examine how the Judeo-Christian imperative for a plant-based lifestyle advances justice and compassion for all, and builds our inner sense of peace. We will also respond to your questions and share best practices for faith-based vegan advocacy, and how to spread this message effectively to others. 

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