Your Links to Other Jewish Veg Sites


Jewish Vegetarian Society: Our sister organization in London.

The Shamayim V'Aretz Institute: An organization we collaborate with to promote Jewish veganism. 

Jewish Eco Seminars: An Israeli-based organization that educates people about the connection between Jewish values and ecology.



The Beet-Eating Heeb: The leading blog on the theology of veganism. 


Veg Websites of Jewish Veg Members 

Animal Impact: This book, written by Jewish Veg Advisory Council member Caryn Ginsberg, is extremely helpful for anyone engaging in animal or vegan advocacy.

Beantown Kitchen: Jewish Veg Advisory Council member Diana Goldman provides incredible vegan recipes on her site, which also offers a wide variety of other vegan resources.

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel: Jewish Veg Advisory Council member Nina Natelson runs this organization, which actively helps animals in Israel.

Dr. Joel Kahn: The Website of Jewish Veg Advisory Council member Dr. Joel Kahn offers a wealth of information about the benefits of a plant-based diet, from his perspective as an experienced cardiologist.

The Double Energy Twins: The Website of Judi and Shari Zucker, known as The Double Energy Twins, the authors of 7 vegan cookbooks, including their latest, The Memory Diet. Judi and Shari have degrees in Nutrition and Physical Education from The University of California at Santa Barbara and they lecture on how to double your energy naturally and you to properly feed your brain.

Jewish Food Hero: The Website of Jewish Veg member Kenden Alfond nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. Her mission is to help a global community of women come home to themselves. Her site offers a free guide: 18 Effortless Ways to Eat Less Meat and Dairy

Kathy Pollard: The Website of Jewish Veg member Kathy Pollard features her new blog about the intersection of our food choices and environmental sustainability. 

Perfect Formula Diet: The highly regarded nutrition book written by Jewish Veg member Dr. Janice Stanger, who earned her Ph.D. in human development and aging from the University of California at San Francisco. 

Soulful Vegan: The Website of Jewish Veg Advisory Council member Ellen Kanner, who is the Huffington Post's Meatless Monday blogger and author of the award-winning book, "Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith and What to Eat for Dinner." Her site's beautiful and delicious recipes are only matched by her soulful writing.

Veg Coach: The Website of Jewish Veg Advisory Council member Ellen Jaffe Jones, an accomplished athlete and the author of "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day" and "Paleo Vegan."

Vegan Fusion: The Website of vegan chef Mark Reinfeld, a prolific cookbook author who travels the country and internationally to conduct vegan cooking workshops. 

Vegetarians in Paradise: An Internet magazine that has been published for 20 years by Jewish Veg members Zel and Reuben Allen, who live in Los Angeles.

The Vegetarian Mitzvah: A Website full of resources and information maintained by Jewish vegetarian Dan Brook. Jewish Veg member Yonah Demby is a Registered Nurse with a Ph.D in Holistic Nursing and provides consulting on holistic health, holistic nutrition, spirituality and herbology. 

Yummy Plants: This Website was created by Rebecca Gilbert, author of "It's Easy to Start Eating Vegan." The site offers loads of valuable information -- including recipes, travel tips and product reviews -- to help people switch to plant-based eating. 


Other Helpful Resources 

STAR-K Guide to Insect Checking: This useful site shows where and how kosher-keeping Jews should check for insects on and in a variety of fruits and vegetables.



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