Challah: Rabbi Jonathan's Eggless Challah

Try this recipe and you'll see for yourself that a dough free of animal products can indeed produce a fragrant, satisfying loaf of bread. This recipe can be made with or without flax seeds, which give the loaves more of an eggy quality.
This eggless challah recipe is a creation of Jewish Veg Rabbinic Council member Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein. He is the founder of Slice of Heaven Breads.

Falafel: Green Lentil, Zucchini, and Garlic

This recipe calls for green lentils, but you can really go to town using whatever you've got in the pantry: orange or black lentils, chickpeas, dry peas, or any other legume.
This amazing creation comes to Jewish Veg from Israeli food critic, journalist, blogger, and vegan activist Ori Shavit. You can find out more about Ori and the vegan movement in Israel on her Website Vegans On Top.

Peanut Vegetable Stir-Fry

Amazing Peanut Vegetable Stir-Fry uses a frozen blend of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red peppers, and mushrooms so you can eliminate a lot of chopping. Of course, if chopping vegetables is good therapy for you, feel free to buy fresh produce and get out your favorite knife and cutting board. It’s important to know, in our plant-based lifestyles, that most vegetables are just as nutritious when you buy them frozen as fresh. So don’t shy away from the freezer section in your grocery store.
This recipe comes to Jewish Veg from Caroline Graettinger, PhD and Timothy Graettinger, PhD at Garden Dish. Their mission is to turn the emerging science related to plant-based nutrition into everyday practice. Caroline and Tim offer recipes, lifestyle tips, workshops, and monthly plans to help people to be active and productive at any age.

Peanut Sauce

"Delicious!" "Excellent!" "This is really good!"
Those were comments from the dinner table the first time we served this sauce drizzled over rice and vegetables. I bet your diners will love this sauce, too. Try it in this Peanut Vegetable Stir-Fry for a quick, easy, satisifying dinner. This recipe makes a lot, so store the unused portion in the fridge to drizzle on veggies later in the week.
This recipe comes to us from Jewish Veg members Caroline Graettinger, PhD and Timothy Graettinger, PhD. Their Website is


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