Gefilte Fish

This savory chickpea cake can fool anyone into thinking it's gefilte fish! There is no more need to miss out on tradition any longer. You can still serve your guests all the Passover foods they long for, but without the cruelty! This recipe is easy to follow and packed with flavor. Thank you Rhea Parsons for your creative holiday recipes. Make sure to check out her page, The "V" Word, for more!

Macaroons: Almond

These are like your classic Italian bakery cookies, full of sweet, nutty flavor, with a crunchy exterior yielding to dreamily chewy interior. The secret ingredient is aquafaba. Huh? The Latin translation is bean water. Chickpea cooking liquid is a brilliant vegan egg replacer and a great use of a byproduct we usually throw out. Vegan chefs have been using this viscous bean brine to whip up frothy meringues and airy mousses. These quick and easy cookies contain only a scant amount of aquafaba and taste not at all of bean.
This recipe comes to us from Jewish Veg member Ellen Kanner, the Edgy Veggie. Her Website is The Soulful Vegan.

Macaroons: Chocolate-Dipped Coconut

Jewish Veg member Fran Costigan, known for good reason as the "Queen of Vegan Desserts", created this wonderful vegan macaroon recipe that's perfect for your Plant-Based Passover. Replacing the egg whites found in every macaroon recipe proved a tough puzzle to solve. One afternoon, wondering what to do with the bowl of white chia gel she was whisking, Fran thought, "Egg whites!".
She's made a delicious, preservative-free version of that canned cookie that appears on virtually every Seder table. 
You can find out more about Fran and find more of her recipes at

Matzo Brie

Breakfast becomes a joy when you have a tasty matzoh brie to entice you into the kitchen. The preparation can be as easy or complex as you choose. If you don't have time to include all the vegetables, the dish will still be wholesome and satisfying.
The recipe is another wonderful creation of Jewish Veg supporter Zel Allen, the masterful cook behind the Website Vegetarians in Paradise


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