From the Warsaw Ghetto to a Life of Compassion:

Alex Hershaft's Inspiring Story

Alex Hershaft is one of the few remaining voices who can personally and vividly attest to the experience of the Holocaust. And he is one of the only such voices who can undeniably relate that experience to the plight of farm animals.

Recently named by VegNews Magazine as one of the four most important figures in the history of the veg-advocacy movement, Alex has told his dramatic story in front of large crowds in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York City and most recently Philadelphia. This will be an incredible opportunity to experience his unforgettable presentation in Washington D.C.
Tickets include:
  • A reception with delicious vegan hors d'oeuvres served compliments of our supporting partners DC Vegan Catering and Equinox Restaurant, along with Shouk.
  • Alex's incredible presentation about his moral evolution from Holocaust survivor to farm-animal advocate.

"As a Holocaust survivor with a riveting and inspirational personal story, he adds to that a unique and incredibly powerful perspective and voice on the rights of animals not to be raised for food. I wish everyone could hear the presentation that I did.

-- Richard Levin, attendee, "From the Warsaw Ghetto to a Life of Compassion," May 15, 2015, Baltimore, MD. 


This program will be put on with our incredible co-sponsors: Compassion Over Killing, The Humane League, DC Vegan Catering, Equinox Restaurant and the Veg Society of DC.



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