Isn't kosher meat humane?

It is true that shechita has been found in some scientific tests conducted in the United States and other countries to be a less painful method of slaughter. However, undercover investigations of the largest glatt kosher slaughterhouses in the U.S. and Israel have shown that extremely abusive slaughter practices -- like shocking animals in the face, gouging holes in their throat, tearing off their ears, and pulling out their internal organs while still conscious -- can and do occur. And these horrific practices do not invalidate the kosher certification of the meat. Kosher is therefore no guarantee of humane slaughter.

Even if it did guarantee humane slaughter, shechita only takes into account the final seconds of an animal's life? What about the tremendous pain and cruelty involved in the entire process of raising and transporting animals on today's factory farms? When the consumption of meat is not necessary and is even harmful to people's health can any method of slaughter be considered humane?






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