Sources on Judaism and Vegetarianism

Berman, Louis. Vegetarianism and the Jewish Tradition. New York: Ktav, 1982. A comprehensive review of connections between Judaism and vegetarianism.

Kalechofsky, Roberta. Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1985. Valuable material for conducting a vegetarian Passover seder.

Kalechofsky, Roberta, editor. Judaism and Animals Rights -- Classical and Contemporary Responses. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1992. A wide varieties of articles on animal rights, vegetarianism, animal experimentation, from the perspective of Judaism.

Kalechofsky, Roberta, editor. Rabbis and Vegetarianism: An Evolving Tradition. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah publications, 1995. Articles on vegetarianism by 17 rabbis from different backgrounds and perspectives.

Kalechofsky, Roberta. Vegetarianism and the Jewish Holidays. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1993. (A Green Mitzvah Booklet) Questions and answers about vegetarian connections to Jewish festivals. Recipes are included.

Schochet, Rabbi Elijah J. Animal Life in Jewish Tradition. New York: Ktav, 1984. Thorough, well-documented consideration of all aspects of animal issues, from the perspective of the Jewish tradition.

Schwartz, Richard H. Judaism and Vegetarianism. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, (2nd edition) 1988. The case for vegetarianism, from a Jewish perspective. Includes 37 questions and answers. Much of the material in this booklet was based on material in this book. Hence people seeking further information and/or documentation should consult this book.

Jewish Vegetarians of North America, Israel Mossman, 6938 Reliance Road, Federalsburg, MD 21632, (410) 754-5550.

Jews for Animal Rights (JAR), Roberta Kalechofsky, director, 255 Humphrey Street, Marblehead, MA 01945, (617) 631-7601.

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