Bibliography of Vegetarian Material

A. Jewish Books, Short Stories, and Articles Related to Vegetarian Issues

Aleichem, Shalom."Pity for Living Creatures. In Some Laughter, Some Tears, New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1979.

The great Jewish writer tells how a young boy becomes aware of the concept of tsa'ar ba'alei chayim (prohibition against harming living creatures) through various incidents in his life.

Berman, Louis. Vegetarianism and the Jewish Tradition. New York: K'tav, 1982.

A comprehensive review of connections between Judaism and vegetarianism.

Bleich, Rabbi J. David, "Vegetarianism and Judaism," Tradition, Vol. 23, No. 1 (Summer, 1987).

Cohen, Rabbi Alfred, "Vegetarianism From a Jewish Perspective," Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Vol. I, No. II (Fall, 1981).

Cohen, Noah J. Tsa'ar Ba'alei Chayim - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Its Bases, Development, and Legislation in Hebrew Literature. New York: Feldheim, 1979.

An extremely comprehensive survey of the laws and lore relating to animals and their treatment in the Jewish tradition. A defense of shechitah (ritual slaughter).

David, Nathan S., ed. The Voice of the Vegetarian (Yiddish). New York: Walden Press, 1952.

A collection of essays devoted to ethical vegetarian ideals.

Dresner, Rabbi Samuel H. The Jewish Dietary Laws, Their Meaning for Our Time. New York: Burning Bush Press, 1959.

Fine discussion of the meaning of kashrut. States that the ideal Jewish diet is vegetarian and permission to eat meat was a concession. Discussion of compassion for animals in Jewish tradition and shechitah (ritual slaughter).

Fisher, Adam D. To Deal Thy Bread to the Hungry. New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1975.

Excellent review of the world hunger crisis and the Jewish tradition related to food and hunger. Suggests some steps to reduce malnutrition based on Jewish values.

Frankel, Aaron H. Thou Shalt Not Kill or The Torah of Vegetarianism. New York: 1896.

Green, Joe. The Jewish Vegetarian Tradition. South Africa: 1969.

Fine discussion of many aspects in the Jewish tradition, such as compassion for animals, that point toward vegetarianism as a Jewish ideal.

Green, Joe. "Chalutzim of the Messiah-The Religious Vegetarian Concept as Expounded by Rabbi Kook" (text of a lecture given in Johannesburg, South Africa).

Outline of some of Rabbi Kook's vegetarian teachings.

Groner, Arlene P. "The Greening of Kashrut - Is Vegetarianism the Ultimate Dietary Law?" The National Jewish Monthly (April 1976).

Good summary of reasons why some Jews have become vegetarians.

Hakohen, Yosef Ben Shlomo. The Universal Jew, Letters to My Progressive Father. Jerusalem, New York, 1995.

Judaism's universal message, including a discussion of people's obligations to the earth and its creatures.

Hirsch, Richard G. Thy Most Precious Gift, Peace in the Jewish Tradition. New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1974.

Hirsch, Rabbi Samson Raphael. Horeb, translated by Dayan I. Grunfeld, New York/London/Jerusalem: Soncino Press, 1962.

In this classical work on the mitzvot of the Torah, Rabbi Hirsch demonstrates how the principles of love and justice form the basis of mitzva observance. A wide variety of mitzvot are analyzed, including those which teach us how to relate to the earth and its creatures.

Kalechofsky, Roberta. Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1985.

Valuable material for conducting a vegetarian Passover seder.

Kalechofsky, Roberta, editor. Judaism and Animals Rights - Classical and Contemporary Responses. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1992.

A wide varieties of articles on animal rights, vegetarianism, animal experimentation, from the perspective of Judaism.

Kalechofsky, Roberta, editor. Rabbis and Vegetarianism: An Evolving Tradition. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah publications, 1995.

Articles on vegetarianism by 17 rabbis from different backgrounds and perspectives.

Kalechofsky, Roberta. Vegetarianism and the Jewish Holidays. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1993. (A Green Mitzvah Booklet)

Questions and answers about vegetarian connections to Jewish festivals. Recipes are included.

Kalechofsky, Roberta. A Boy, A Chicken, and The Lion of Judea - How Ari Became a Vegetarian. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1995.

How a Jewish boy in Israel overcomes family and peer-pressure to "take charge of his stomach".

Kalechofsky, Roberta. Vegetarian Judaism. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, due out in 1998.

All the reasons why Jews should be vegetarians.

Kook, Rabbi Abraham Isaac. A Vision of Vegetarianism and Peace (Hebrew).

The vegetarian philosophy of this great Jewish leader and thinker. Rabbi Kook felt that God wanted people to be vegetarians but permitted meat as a concession, with many limitations, and that all creatures will be vegetarian in the messianic period, as they were in the Garden of Eden.

Kook, Rabbi Abraham Isaac. "Fragments of Light: A View as to the Reasons for the Commandments," in Abraham Isaac Kook, a collection of Rabbi Kook's works, edited and translated by Ben Zion Bokser, New York.Paulist Press, 1978.

A summary of Rav Kook's thoughts on vegetarianism. Very powerful.

Pick, Philip, ed. The Tree of Life, An Anthology of Articles Appearing in The Jewish Vegetarian, 1966-1974. New York: A.S. Barnes, 1977.

A wide variety of essays and editorials from the Jewish Vegetarian on many aspects of the relationship between Judaism and vegetarianism.

Raisin, Jacob A. Humanitarianism of the Laws of Israel - Kindness to Animals. Jewish Tract 06, Cincinnati, Ohio: Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

Concise summary of laws in the Jewish tradition relating to kindness to animals.

Schochet, Rabbi Elijah J. Animal Life in Jewish Tradition. New York: K'tav, 1984.

Thorough, well-documented consideration of all aspects of animal issues, from the perspective of the Jewish tradition.

Schwartz, Richard. Judaism and Vegetarianism, Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1988 (2nd edition).

Thorough analysis of the Jewish case for vegetarianism; 37 questions and answers; recipes.

Schwartz, Richard. Judaism and Global Survival, New York: Atara Press, 1987.

Application of Jewish values to current critical issues such as hunger, pollution, resource scarcity, and the arms race.

Schwartz, Richard H. Judaism and Animal Issues. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1993. (A Green Mitzvah Booklet).

Schwartz, Richard H. Judaism, Health, Nutrition, and Vegetarianism. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1993. (A Green Mitzvah Booklet)

Shoshan, A. Man and Animal (Hebrew). Jerusalem: Shoshanim, 1963.

A very thorough treatment of Jewish literature pertaining to the Jewish attitude toward animals from ancient to modern times

Weintraub, Mark. Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants in Israel. Baltimore, Maryland: The Vegetarian Resource Group, 1996.

Reviews and background information about vegetarian restaurants in Israel, Also lists health food stores in major cities.

B. General Vegetarian Books

Akers, Keith. A Vegetarian Sourcebook, Arlington, Virginia: Vegetarian Press, 1985.

Altman, Nathaniel. Eating for Life . Wheaton, Illinois: Theosophical Publishing House, 1977.

Diamond, Harvey. Your Heart, Your Planet . Santa Monica: Hay House, 1990.

Eisman, George L. The Most Noble Diet . Miami, Florida: Diet-Ethics, 1984.

Giehl, Dudley. Vegetarianism: A Way of life. New York: Harper and Row, 1979.

Hur, Robin. Food reform: Our Desperate Need. Austin, Texas: Heidelberg, 1975.

Lappe, Frances Moore. Diet for a Small Planet. New York: Ballantine Books, (Revised edition), 1982.

Marcus, Eric. Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating. Ithica, New York: McBooks Press, 1997.

Mason, Jim and Peter Singer. Animal Factories. New York: Crown, 1980.

Moran, Victoria. Compassion, The Ultimate Ethic . Wellingborough, Northampshire: Thorsons, 1985.

Null, Gary. The Vegetarian Handbook - Eating Right for Total Health . New York: St. Martin`s Press, 1987.

Parham, Barbara. What`s Wrong With Eating Meat? Denver: Ananda Marga Publications, 1979.

Rifkin, Jeremy. Beyond Beef - The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture . New York: Dutton, 1992.

Powerful analysis of the many negative effects related to the raising of cattle and the consumption of beef.

Robbins, John. Diet For a New America . Walpole, New Hampshire: Stillpoint Publishing, 1987.

Extremely popular book that documents health, animal-rights, and ecological reasons for not eating flesh, eggs, and dairy foods.

Rudd, G. L. Why Kill for Food? Madras, India: Indian Vegetarian Congress. 1956.

Rosen, Steven. Food For the Spirit-Vegetarianism and the World Religions.. New York: Bala Books, 1986.

Rudd, G. L. Why Kill for Food.? Madras, India: Indian Vegetarian Congress, 1956.

Scharffenberg, John A. Problems With Meat . Santa Barbara, California: Woodbridge Press, 1979.

Schell, Orville. Modern Meat . New York: Vintage Books, 1985.

Detailed discussion about many problems related to the production and consumption of meat.

Singer, Peter. Animal Liberation. New York: Avon Books, 1975.

Powerful argument for vegetarianism. Considers cruelty to animals from factory farming and scientific experimentation in great detail.

Sussman, Victor. The Vegetarian Alternative. Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Press, 1978.

Wynne-Tyson, Jon. Food For a Future: How World Hunger Could Be Ended By the 21st Century. London: Thorsons, 1988.

C. Health and Nutrition Issues American Natural Hygiene Society. The Greatest Health Discovery. Chicago: Natural Hygiene Press, 1972.

"Natural Hygiene and It`s Evolution, Past, Present, and Future." Barnard, Neal D., M. D. The Power of Your Plate - A Plan for Better Living. Summertown, Tennessee: Book Publishing Company. 1990.

"Eating well for better health - 17 experts tell you how!".

Diamond, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Fit For Life. . New York: Warner Books, 1985.

Introduction to natural hygiene. Many recipes, Best selling diet and health book ever.

Diamond, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Fit For Life. II - Living Health.. New York: Warner Books, 1987.

Esser, William, M. D. Dictionary of Natural Foods . Bridgeport, Connecticut: Natural Hygiene Press, 1983.

Beautifully illustrated listing and discussion of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Harris, William, M. D. The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism. Honolulu: Hawaii health Publishers, 1995.

Many graphs and charts make a very strong case for the health benefits of vegetarianism.

Klaper, Michael, M. D. Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple . Klaper, Michael, M. D. Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet . McDougall, John A., M. D and Mary A McDougall. The McDougall Plan. .Piscataway, New Jersey: New Century Publishers, 1983.

A gold mine of information on all aspects of nutrition. Recipes.

McDougall, John A., M. D. McDougall`s Medicine - A Challenging Second Opinion . Piscataway, New Jersey: New Century Publishers, 1985.

"The book that challenges the currently accepted treatments for cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis. atherosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension".

Ornish Dean, M. D. Dr. Dean Ornish`s Program for Reversing Heart Disease . New York: Ballantine, 1990.

How heart disease can be reversed through a very low-fat diet, exercise, meditation, and stress reduction. Many appropriate recipes.

Sorensen, Marc, Ed. D. Mega Health. Ivins, Utah: National Institute of Health, 1993.

An extremely thorough and well documented discussion of the links between diet and health.

D. Recipe Books

Benjamin, Alice and Corrigan, Harriet. Cooking With Conscience: A Book for People Concerned About World Hunger . New York: Seabury, 1978.

Brown, Lena. Cookbook for Health (Yiddish). New York: Jankovitz, 1931.

An early collection of Jewish vegetarian recipes

Dinshah, Freya. The Vegan Kitchen . Malaga, New Jersey: American Vegan Society, 1987.

Friedman, Rose. Jewish Vegetarian Cooking . New York: Thorsons, 1985.

The official cookbook of the International Jewish Vegetarian Society.

Gentle World. The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals . Umatilla, Florida: Gentle World, 1983.

Golde, Muriel C. Vegetarian Cooking for a Better World . North American Vegetarian Society.

Hurd, Frank and Rosalie Hurd. Ten Talents . Collegedale, Tennessee: College Press, Kalechofsky, Roberta and Rosa Rasiel. The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook.. Marblehead, Massachusetts: Micah Publications, 1997.

Katzen, Mollie. The Moosewood Cookbook. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press. 1982.

Katzen, Mollie. The Enchanted Broccoli Forest . Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press. 1982.

Leneman, Leah. Slimming The Vegetarian Way.. London: Thorsons, 1980.

Leneman, Leah. The Single Vegan. New York: Thorsons, 1989.

Convenient, simple, appetizing meals for one.

McDougall, Mary. McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook . (Volumes I and II).New Century Publishers, 1985 (Vol. 1), 1986 (Vol.2).

Robertson, Laurel, et al. The New Laurel`s Kitchen: A Handbook for Vegetarian Cookery and Nutrition.. Berkeley, California: Ten speed Press, 1986.

Wasserman, Debra. The Low Fat Jewish Vegetarian Cookbook. Baltimore: Vegetarian resource Group, 1994.

Over 150 low fat international recipes, based on Jewish traditions from around the world.

Wasserman, Debra and Reed Mangels. Simply Vegan . Baltimore: Vegetarian Resource Group, 1990.

A wide varieties of recipes that are completely free of animal products. Includes a comprehensive section on nutrition, written by nutritionist Reed Mangels, Ph. D.

Wasserman, Debra and Charles Stahler. No Cholesterol Passover Recipes. Baltimore: Vegetarian Resource Group, 1986.

Contains 100 recipes without animal products that are suitable for Passover.

Wasserman, Debra and Charles Stahler. Meatless Meals for Working People - Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes. Baltimore: Vegetarian Resource Group, 1990.

A wide variety of recipes for people with limited time.

Wasserman, Debra. Conveniently Vegan. Baltimore:, Vegetarian resource Group, 1997.

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