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Ayekah? Where art thou?

The Bible can be interpreted In terms of God's search for righteous iindividuals. And this search begins in Bereishis (Genesis) when God asks Adam, "Ayekah? (Where art thou?) Since G-d certainly knew where Adam was physically, the question has a deeper meaning. It is a question addressed not only to Adam, but to every person, in every age.

Ayekah means: What are you doing with your life? Right nowl What are you doing to learn more about Judaism, to aid Jewish education to bring other Jews closer to the Torah? What are you doing to bring holiness and righteousness into the world?

Ayekah means: what are we doing, as co-workers with God, to make the world better? Are we seeking peace and pursuing peace? Are we doing justly and loving kindness and compassion? Are we doing enough for the survival of Israel, for fellow Jews, and for the poor, the hungry, and the oppressed all over the world?

Viewed In this way, Judaism is not a refuge, but a challenge, an incessant demand, a constant sense of obligation, a knowledge that something Is asked of us, that we are expected to do sacred tasks. We have God's question: Ayekah. What is our response?